About Magali

A woman with a big heart and wild dreams. By nature I am very enthusiastic, fiery, energetic and positive. I see opportunities everywhere. I am determined to put my dash of light and love in the world, and I currently do that mainly through Moving Magic.

I swam through many waters, and therefore found my greatest strengths. What does not kill you, makes you stronger!

From that life experience, in combination with the knowledge I gained in many courses [see below], I guide people on their path through self-empowerment to bring out the best in themselves.

How it went for me…

I struggled with an eating disorder in my youth and as an adult, I experienced trauma, it made me depressed and lost all hope, I let things happen that I didn't want, I didn't dare to speak up about what I felt or thought or longed, I was haunted by panic attacks and nightmares, I struggled a lot with being a woman and having to make do with a cyclical and sensitive female body, and sexuality was completely problematic, and finally I let myself go. convincing me to try psychedelics as the ultimate “cure” for all my problems, which left me with serious new trauma.

I tried different types of therapy, I traveled the world, I spent a long time in Buddhist monasteries, I followed many courses on personal development, creative therapy, mindfulness, yoga, bodywork, self-defense and read maybe a hundred books on self-help and personal growth, but in all those environments I couldn't find any answers. I continued to feel lost and depressed. Because I missed the essence.

I thought the others knew better than I did, so I adapted and did what I was advised, even though it often failed me. I kept feeling lost… and then I kept on searching stubbornly, NEVER give up!

And so I discovered that I could only find real satisfaction and happiness when I felt my own inner compass back. That way I could more accurately assess, empathize and do something with the advice and input of others in a way that DOES make sense for me. That was my biggest life lesson.

Now I have my feet firmly on the ground. I know what I stand for. I guide people back to their bodies, back to their essence, so that they can find the answers they need to feel better and achieve their goals. That's self empowerment!

In particular, I have experience with

  • living in your head , having lost the connection with your body
  • eating disorders – anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, other forms of eating disorder,
    and also: self-image, staying true to yourself, self-respect, being allowed to speak, communicating non-violently, boundaries
  • processing childhood - complex post-traumatic stress - c-ptsd :
    and also: restoring contact with your inner child, finding safe forms of expression for your deep feelings
  • processing shocking experiences and trauma , including sexual trauma,
    and also: restore confidence in and bond with your body, take back your own power, tell your story
  • borderline, dissociation and psychotic complaints : how to deal with triggers, and how to turn your vulnerability into a great strength, without or with a minimum of medication. That is possible!
  • depression, panic attacks : what is the cause, how do you deal with it, how do you regain your confidence and your zest for life
  • boundaries / assertiveness ,
    including: self-esteem, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-defense [basic], and non-violent communication
  • female-specific struggles : how to deal with your cycle and the burden you experience, the power of your feminine nature, develop and unfold your femininity, fully embody your feminine strength and beauty, dare and may be completely woman, in surrender AND with clear boundaries .
  • recovery after damage caused by psychedelics : psychedelics [ayahuasca, mushrooms, psilocybin, ...] are increasingly recommended in the healing of psychological vulnerabilities. However, things can go very wrong, as these substances act on our sensitive brains and as some supervisors are not sufficiently trained. If you are left with damage, existential questions or new traumas, you can contact me as an experience expert to see what support you need and how you can find yourself and your mental health.

Brief overview of courses followed

  • yoga teacher [2015][International Yoga Federation]
  • yoga coach [2015-2017] [Kachina-creative2energy]
  • mindfulness trainer [2016] [ Institute for Attention and Mindfulness ]
  • intuitive development [2015-2017] [ Timothy ]
  • artistic dynamic coaching – creative therapy [2015-2017] [ De Kleine Tiki ]
  • tantra growth trajectory [2016-2018] – healing of intimacy and sexuality [ Rising Heart ]
  • creative and body-oriented therapy training [2018-2021][The road to the heart]
  • Sensiplan – Natural Contraception Pathway [2018]
  • prenatal yoga teacher training [2019] [Inspirational yoga]
  • basic self-defense training for women [2020] [Patrick van Vlasselaer, ISDS Belgium ]
  • tao for women – [2021 – 2022] [Hilde Broeckhove, Conscious Movements ]
  • basic training Rock and Water [2022] [ Rock and Water Institute ]
    Specialization Rock and Water for Psychotrauma [2022]
    Specialization Rock and Water for girls and women [io][2023]
  • Women empowered – self-defense for women [io][Gracie University]

Inspiration book list


  • Chakra yoga [Judith Anodea]
  • Yin yoga [Kassandra Reinhardt]
  • The complete guide to yin yoga [Bernie Clark]
  • Dru yoga [Chris Barrington]
  • Yoga for everyday complaints [Fred Miller]

Pregnancy Yoga

  • Iyengar yoga for motherhood [Geeta Iyengar]
  • Pregnancy health yoga [Tara Lee – Mary Attwood]
  • Yoga for pregnancy, birth and beyond [Francoise Barbara Freedman]
  • Active birth [Janet Balaskas]
  • Yoga for pregnancy and birth [Uma Dinsmore-Tuli]

Women power

  • Wild power [NL: Claim your cycle] [Alexandra Pope – Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer]
  • The pill: are you sure it's for you? [Alexandra Pope - Jane Bennett]
  • Taking charge of your fertility [Toni Weschler]
  • Yoni Shakti [Uma Dinsmore-Tuli]
  • Daughters of the Moon [Annemarie Peeters]
  • Moontime [Lucy H. Pearce]
  • Red moon [Miranda Gray]

Creative and profound inspiration

  • The Artist's Way [Julia Cameron]
  • The creative journal [Lucia Capacchione]
  • My Shadow and I [David Richo]
  • Lighten up your body, lighten up your life [Lucia Capacchione]
  • The creative diary [Sarah Timmermans]
  • The power of the other hand [Lucia Capacchione]
  • The art of emotional healing [Lucia Capacchione]
  • Eating Disorders Astray [Anita Johnston]
  • Paralyzed with fear – Recovery after sexual abuse [Agnes van Minnen]
  • Complex PTSD [Pete Walker]

Inspirational videos and links:

Borderline: a very empathetic explanation of the difficulties: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TS4d-zqRFA

Therapy or no therapy for post-traumatic stress…: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3Wjw1HpXC0

The Crappy Childhood Fairy's Daily Practice : Effective Self-Help Way To Cope With Daily Overwhelm Due To PTSD

Pete Walker's compelling insights into dealing with complex post-traumatic stress

Red school : inspiration around how your cycle can be your best ally in life

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