During an individual session we go deeper into a theme that is relevant to you. I completely tune in to you and am present in love and openness. I listen to your story, and guide you through conversation, but also through more creative or body-oriented tools, to arrive at the answers within yourself. I really believe in self-empowerment!

Discover the magic within yourself…

In the end you know best what you need to feel better in your skin, of that I am sure. However, life can be very overwhelming. In all that loving and empowering support is so crucial. 

Moving Magic offers a versatile way of coaching and therapy with lots of possibilities, especially if you got stuck in other kinds of therapy.

My focus mainly is:

  • how to find your own authority, your inner power, your joy, your own way in life,
  • how to become true to yourself, with more self-love and self-worth,
  • how to find the most appropriate help and support for you and your process,
  • how to become your own best friend and ally in life, and how to connect to others in a loving and respectful way without losing your authenticity.

Self-empowerment and creative/body-oriented therapy

The special thing about this kind of therapy is that I tune into you, which means you stay in charge of your process, I am just standing next to you, offering a different perspective. I meet you where you are, without judgement, and I propose exercises or give feedback based on what I hear and see.

I like working with the inner child, since I believe reconnecting with that playful, sponaneous, sensitive, deeply intuitive and sometimes very traumatized part of us, can liberate a lot of blocked life energy.

I support you to connect to the answers and the wisdom within – that is self-empowerment. If we notice my support is not the most appropriate for what you need, I can refer you to other colleagues whose approach might work better for you. I do value open communication a lot, that allows for us to stay on top of things.

My approach

I have had trainings in yoga, mindfulness, creative therapy, body work, rock and water, self-defense. At times I can challenge you outside of your comfort zone, but often it is precisely that which can help you through stubborn blockages! On top of that I have many years of experience working with the issues mentioned below.

In my therapy and coaching I focus a lot on your power, talents and qualities, on the here and now, and we work from there, setting personal intentions and goals you want to work towards. My personal goal is to make sure you go home with more hope and new perspectives compared to how you arrived before the session. If that is not the case, we discuss what went wrong, and we find solutions.

I have experience working with:

  • Eating disorders: anorexia, boulimia, binge eating, other kinds of eating disorders, and also: self-image, staying true to yourself, self-respect, allowing yourself to speak up, non-violent communication, boundaries
  • Processing your childhood – complex post-traumatic stress – c-ptsd:
    And also: connecting to your inner child, finding safe way of expressing your deep feelings and emotions
  • Processing shocking experiences and trauma, also sexual trauma,
    And also: learning to trust your body again, taking back your own power, telling your story
  • Borderline, dissociative symptoms and psychosis: how to deal with triggers, how to transform your vulnerability into a strong power, without or with a minimal dose of medication. It is possible!
  • Depression, panic attacks: what is the cause, how to deal with it, how to find faith, trust, inner peace, and joy.
  • Boundaries/ assertiveness,
    And also: self-worth, self-confidence, self-respect, self-defense [basics], non-violent communication
  • Struggles in being a woman: how to deal with your cycle and the complaints you have, the power of your female nature, developing and nourishing your femininity, embodying your female power and beauty, daring and allowing yourself to fully be a woman, surrendering AND setting clear boundaries.
  • Living in your head, having lost the connection to your body, having lost the ground under your feet

Practical information

For the moment I am taking a step back from working, I will probably restart by September 2023. Feel free to send me an e-mail if you want to be updated!

A session normally is 1.5h and costs 80 eur. If you feel you prefer just 1h, it is 60 eur.
Length and frequency of the sessions can be discussed based on what you feel works best for you.

If the price is the only reason not to make an appointment, let me know, then we’ll see what we can do. 

You can make an appointment by sending an e-mail to or by calling me at 0499 22 16 84 [no whatsapp!].
You can also find Moving Magic on and


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