Menstrual cycle as force

Did you know that your menstrual cycle can be an ally to better manage your energy and be more productive? Some phases are very conducive to productivity, other phases are more for refueling and resting.

Especially if you have complaints of premenstrual syndrome [PMS], or suffer from menstrual cramps or other cycle-related complaints, it is worth getting to know your cycle a little better and discovering what lies behind those complaints. Menstruating does not have to be a burden, on the contrary!

Some complaints naturally require a medical approach, but some complaints can be dealt with or made more bearable simply by becoming more aware of your body and learning to interpret your body's signals better.

Program “Menstrual cycle as force”

In this workshop I take you through creative exercises and together we discover how our cycle works. What you can do to become more aware of your own rhythm, and how you can respond to it so that you get even more into your own flow. This benefits your general productivity, zest for life, and well-being.

No new dates planned for the time being - mail to to stay informed about future dates!

Menstrual cycle as force

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