Self defense for women

Self-defense for women

This course is designed for women* who want to improve their physical and emotional resilience and assertiveness.

A down to earth course plenty of practical tools and advice. 

Towards a more authentic and fearless, pure YOU!

For whom?

The self-defense and resilience course that we offer has been developed for women

who want to grow in assertiveness, appearance, strength, resilience, self-confidence,

who would like to be able to take their place with more confidence, to make their voices heard

who also want to learn physical techniques and exercises to be stronger and to know what is possible if physically undesirable behavior is displayed.

In terms of ages, we propose a diversified group, with all age categories from 16 years.

What will you learn?

The course is led by Magali and Patrick.

Magali Thomassen makes sure there is a safe and respectful environment within the group, so everyone can dive into it fully. So, also if you have had shocking experiences in the past or if you feel you have come a long way with regard to self-confidence and assertiveness, she will make sure you get the right support. She takes you along practices about body awareness, body language, assertiveness, communication and mindset. 

Patrick Van Vlasselaer takes care of the pysical self-defense, together with his assistants. He is a very experienced self-defense specialist with over 50 years of experience. He knows what he is talking about! He talks through some theoretic principles, the self-defense laws, and other general principles. However, most of the course is about practicing physical  self-defense techniques and principles in specific situations. While practicing real-life situations your level and sensitivities are taken into account. Patrick teaches only techniques that can really work, also outside training, and coaches you to pick those techniques that work for you, your body, your fitness level. That is why we call this a no-nonsense training.

Unique offer in Leuven

Here’s a summary of what you can expect from this unique, all-round self-defense programme:

  • It is an all-round program combining input about physical self-defense, with mental, psychological, bodylanguagerelated assertiveness training.
  • Your wishes and sensitivities are taken into account. You are coached where needed, and encouraged to reach up to your potential in a supporting environment.
  • All your questions will be answered, you are offered practical solutions. In that we take confidentiality seriously.
  • You can count on an individual approach when appropriate.
  • You get to practice real-life situations, down-to-earth, no-nonsense. You can practice with each other, and with safe men, which feels very empowering. You go home with knowledge and skills that you can use and apply right away, outside of the training.
  • Sometimes physical exercises can trigger something. We are aware of that, and provide a safe space for that. We are open to the emotional and psychological impact and make sure everyone gets the support they need. So, not only will you become physically wiser, you will also grow in consciousness and gain more emotional power.
  • On top of that you can count on teachers and assistant teachers who will inspire you with their limitless passion. Magali is a violence survivor herself, and has also qualifications as a Rock and Water teacher and therapist. Patrick is one of the best teachers in Belgium when it comes to self-defense that actually works. He has been training for more than 50 years, combining several different martial arts. He leads his own school, I.S.D.S, in Leuven and Putte. He has taught men, women, children, police officers, security teams, … You can read all about Patrick Van Vlasselaer here.

Practical information self-defense

Anyone with a female body and also anyone who identifies as a woman can sign up. We strive for a diversified group with all ages, 16 and up. If you are super enthusiastic, but not 16 yet, let me know!

It does not matter how fit or how young or old you are, we adapt our approach individually. That is one of the strengths of this course.

*** If you feel group sessions are too challenging for you, individual, tailor-made sessions are also possible. E-mail me at for all info! *** 


No new dates scheduled for now. E-mail me at  to stay updated about future courses.

Self defense for women

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