Women's circle

A gathering of like-minded people. Women together. Sharing what lives in you and from there deepening with a creative assignment and making contact with what wants to show itself. A different theme every month.

What you can expect from the women's circle

An opportunity to meet in small group [max. 8 women] to be real and authentic and to experiment with your own creativity. An opportunity to speak and express what you feel without censorship, to discover what moves you, what inspires you, what warms you up, what weighs you down, where your fervor is and what that fervor wants to release in you, what you intuition or your soul wants to tell you, what you need to stand even more in your great and pure power,... A place where you are welcome with everything there is, women among themselves. Because that is so nourishing, liberating, and makes way for a deep encounter with yourself, with your authentic being.

Getting together and spending time together to connect – women have always done it, down through the ages. Because it brings us so much, to be allowed to sink down and leave the daily worries behind to feel what is there and what needs attention. Sometimes a smile, sometimes a tear... Most of all I want to take you to transcend concepts of light and dark, stories and oppressions and touch something deeper, to the essence within yourself, your own great source of inspiration.

Program creative women's circle

We start with a connecting meditation to arrive, followed by a sharing round. Then we work with color, movement, clay, writing or other forms of expression around a theme, and we end again with a sharing round and a closing meditation to integrate everything. You will find the themes below next to the dates, but these are very susceptible to change, depending on what is going on in the group!

Through it all I pay attention to self-care and dignity. May any obstructive inner voices give way to inner strength and self-respect, that you become [even] more connected to your own inspiration, passion, joy of life and unique potential.

Practical information “Creative women's circle”

Dates : No new dates planned for the time being - mail to info@movingmagic.be to stay informed about future dates!

Women's circle

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