Women empowerment group

If you do not feel so comfortable in you own skin or you feel like you have never been able to fully embody and enjoy your female power, this group might be something for you! A creative, body oriented and at times playful journey to deepen your relationship with yourself and empower your true worth as a unique woman. This course helps you connect to parts of yourself you might have forgotten long ago.

For whom?

For all women of all ages 16 and up, who would like to:

Grow more conscious about who you are as a woman.

Connect more deeply with you you truly are: feel, communicate and connect with others in an authentic wayverbinden.

Nourish your inner child: your playfulness, your spontaneity, your creativity, your dreams.

Become more conscious about your emotions, thoughts, and behaviour in order to show yourself als the powerful, vulnerable, inspiring person you are by nature, at peace with yourself, authentic, assertive, charismatic in your own way.

If you have had traumatic experiences in the past, this group is a safe environment to share your experiences, feel connected and cherished, and make new steps towards self-love and repairing your self-worth.

Being a woman: a curse or a blessing?

There are so many ideas and prejudices about how a woman should be or how women are. On top of that we all learned from how people treated us in our youth and as an adult, and created our own perspective based on those experiences. But are these ideas true? Are they true for you? 

In this group I would like to explore the spontaneous, inspired, vulnerable, sometimes maybe even wild or untamable woman we truly are – each in her own way, beyond any ideas, expectations, beliefs about how a woman should be.

In this course I take you along several explorations and exercises in order to connect to the wondrous woman you are, in a very spontaneous way. This group also allows for you to share and hold any painful experiences you might have had in the past, and to set a strong foundation for yourself, nourished by gentleness and self-love. 

Creative expression

Working with creative expression is an easy, accessible and safe way to express certain feelings, to get to know resistances in a different way, and to pick up pieces of yourself that were long lost. This kind of exercises help you get in touch with deeper, more intuitive parts of yourself. It activates your self-healing abilities and inspires to look with different eyes, to change patterns in your life. You do not need to have any special skills or knowledge to do this. Only some curiosity? This group is a safe environment where a lot is possible, and nothing is mandatory!

Women empowerment group program

These sessions are very tailor-made. The group stays small, max. 8 participants, and there is a lot of space to share experiences. However, I mostly want to give you the opportunity to dive into exercises and creative explorations, to experience, to connect to your own intuitive wisdom and change perspective. 

I combine my background as yoga teacher, creative therapist, body worker, assertiveness coach, Rock and Water coach, trauma work, intuitive development, … Mostly I set a gentle and safe energy in the group, and I am curious to meet you!

Topics that will most likely be covered:
  • Connecting to other women and sharing experiences in a safe space where anything is welcome
  • Creatieve explorations about being a woman – through visualisation, intuitive painting, drawing, claying, dancing and moving
  • Deepening the connection with your body, through body oriented exercises, such as dancing, voice expression …, and through “womb yoga” 
  • Boundaries, assertiveness, expressing your authority
  • Deepening your own power and intuition: getting to know yourself in a different way
  • Menstrual cycle power: getting to know your cycle, and how your cycle can be a guide and an ally to living up to your potential, discovering new perspectives on particular health issues you may encounter
  • Recognizing your coping mechanisms or self-destructive patterns f.e. emotional eating or eating disorders, addiction, rationalization, closing off, exploding, and many more … and how you can develop a more loving and respectful attitude towards yourself and your experiences

Creative woman

Exploring your relationship to your femininity through creative exercises, meeting your female essence, where power and vulnerability meet

Rock and water

Where is your power? Can you feel your power in your body and how does it feel to stand your ground? How does it feel to stand strong as a rock [set boundaries, speak up]? How does it feel to flow, to connect, to communicate, as water? This is a body oriented session with playful, but deep exercises about inner power, assertiveness and boundaries.

The power of your female body and your menstrual cycle

How do you related to your female body and its cyclical nature? Even if you do not [no longer] have a menstrual cycle, this workshop is very interesting.

Highs and lows

how do you deal with the highs and lows in your life? What are your coping mechanisms [f.e. addictions, eating disorders, other behaviours or habits that inherently do not make you feel good about yourself]  and what powers are hidden behind those mechanisms? Once again we dive into this topic using creative and intuitive exercises.

At home in your body

During our last, body oriented session, we dive deeper into connecting to our body. This is about grounding, accepting your body with all its peculiarities, picking up the signals your body gives you, positive intentions about treating your body.

Practical information


Early bird until July 15: 140 euro for the series of 5 sessions 

Standard price: 150 eur

If the price is the only reason to make you doubt, let me know, then we will see what solutions are possible.

Signing up or questions

Send me an e-mail at info@movingmagic.be! I will answer all your questions or send you the sign up form.

Women empowerment group

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