Yoga workshops

Moving Magic offers workshops on several interesting topics. They are meant for everyone, no matter what gender or sex.

Eye yoga

Relaxing and stretching for the eyes. Our eyes are active all day long, as our dominant sense, and we tend to forget to take good care of them. Especially if you spend much time watching screens, your eyes get tense and tired. Tension in the eyes can lead to diverse health issues going from headaches to imparied sight. Eye yoga will not per se have miraculous effects, but it will surely have a positive impact on these issues! Not only will your eyes enjoy the session, your whole body and mind will benefit from the exercises. 

What can you expect? I enthusiastically introduce you to plenty of both relaxing and stretching exercises for the eyes, sometimes involving the whole body. We will slow down, breathe consciously, and most of all I would like to invite you to feel for yourself the effects of the exercises we do. This way I hope to wake up the same enthusiasm I have and to motivate you to stay tuned in to your eyes and manage your stress level better.

After the session you might see a little sharper. This effect might wear off, but you will have lots of inspiration to practice at home and to continue to take better care of your eyes!

I offer the basics in 2 classes. I introduce some new exercises each class, and share with you some interesting books, as well as tips on how to keep the practice up at home.


No new dates scheduled for now. E-mail me at to stay updated about future classes!

Power Yoga

Improving your body awareness and stoking your inner fire, that is what Power yoga can offer to you. We practice more intense yoga poses that will allow you to feel your own power, and we end in a more gentle way with some stretches and relaxation in order to integrate all the work we did.

Your inner fire

My focus in these classes is to take you along in a more powerful energy which allows you to connect to your own inner fire and stir it up. The nice thing about this? It has an impact on your daily life! Making decisions will be easier, you become more assertive, feel stronger and more at ease in your own skin. Power yoga offers you, if done regularly, a deeper body awareness and more balanced muscle tone in your whole body. It helps you feel more “on earth”, gives you more energy, enlivens you. It also brings more focus, clear vision, vigour, courage and authenticity.

The postures invite you to move and stretch from your core center. You will definitely feel your muscles work. I design the classes so you can always follow along, even if you are not strong or in great shape! And we end gently, with stretches and relaxation to integrate all the hard work. I work with small groups of max. 6 participants so I can give you individual attention where needed.


New schedule expected in June 2023. E-mail me at to stay updated about future classes!

Womb Yoga

Womb yoga is a collection of yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditations that were specifically designed for women, in order to connect more deeply to their wombs and pelvic areas. They help to improve self-love and self-worth, and to connect to your pelvis, your womb, your female energy, your sexuality in a very gentle and safe way. It works through physical exercises and the breath – respecting your personal rhythm and going very gently. You will feel more grounded after the class, and more aware of your core.

They are very relaxing classes, with gentle movements and focus on becoming aware of your own body, in your own time. I work in small groups as to facilitate a sense of connection and safety. The postures are easy, and you do not need any kind of skill or knowledge. 

New schedule will be updated by june 2023. E-mail me at if you want to stay updated about the new dates!


New schedule will be updated by june 2023. E-mail me at if you want to stay updated about the new dates!

Yoga workshops

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